Tips For The Perfect All Stag Barbecue

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First things first; start with a clean and oiled grill. More than cooking time, more than spice rubs, a clean grill makes all the difference when cooking a great steak, fish, or anything else on the grill. Clean grates keep the steaks from sticking when you turn them. Al you need to do is heat your grill, give it a good scrub with a heavy duty grill brush, and lightly brush it with vegetable oil or avocado oil, which is excellent for taking extremely high heat. And if you do it right, your barbecue grill will qualify for that. This essentially creates a non stick cooking surface.

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Crank the heat up if you want the cooking to go well. You want the grill to be at least two hundred and fifty to three hundred degrees centigrade. That is so hot that you can only keep your hand over the grill for about a second. High heat ensures that you will get a good sear and a crispy crust on those steaks.

Get the beers on cold. There is nothing as disappointing as a warm beer to go with your hot steak and even hotter female companions. If you have not put the beers in the fridge the night before, you need to get them in the freezer. A couple of hours will do the trick normally, but set an alarm or you will find your freezer full of exploded beer! That is bad, but not having the beer is worse. Your escort girl companions will not need that kind of liquid refreshment – or at least they will politely say that they do not – but you and your mates will to relax you enough to handle the sexiness.