New To Offer Adult Massages And Erotic Body Rubs? Don’t Miss These Tips!


Adult service providers have evolved over the years. While such services existed even before the era of internet, the ways of were vastly different. Previously, even the best escort agencies and independent escorts required visiting cards, and the marketing was mostly verbal. If you are new to the world of offering body rubs and erotic massages, you need to understand and utilize the potential of the internet, but before that, let’s understand what’s this business is all about.

The world of adult massages

We all know that adult massages involve some kind of erotic service. Technically, a body rub is almost same as a massage, but usually it’s easier, mild and gentle. In context of adult services, body rubs may refer to many things. Some women are into happy endings, while others just offer blow jobs, mutual touching, and erotic stimulation. Before you can sell your services, you need to know what’s on offer. Don’t be surprised to know that many clients don’t actually expect to get happy endings, or full services to be precise. Some want a comprehensive body rub or oil massage, often with some erotic talk, mutual fondling and basic touches.

Choose the right website

If you want to sell options like massages and body rub USA, you need a website that promotes such services. Every website is different, but the best ones would expect you to share a few details. For example – Are you comfortable with both genders? Do you take outcalls or are okay with inviting clients into your home? Do you mind working with another masseuse? You also need to add a picture, which needs to be personal, and if you don’t want to show your face, it’s completely okay, as long as you are using an original image.

Let your clients know

Your clients need to know what to expect while calling you. So, be clear with your classified. There’s usually a limit to the space on most websites, so use the words rightly. Entice your niche clients to call up by twisting the words. If you offer something special, write on that. You will find a bunch of examples online on how to write classifieds for body rubs. Just make sure that you don’t lie, because it is important to have returning clients.

Finally, do complete your profile and fill all the details that the websites need to promote your services.