Dave was musing about running escorts agencies. Specifically, escort agencies in Barcelona. He didn’t often muse, and when he did he tried not to stain the carpet. Other than when he was meditating or exercising, which were pretty much the same thing for him, his internal life consisted mainly of planning. The past was history and useful only for drawing lessons from. And that had started the musing about escort agencies in general, and Barcelona escort agencies in particular.

There are any number of common misconceptions about running an escort agency, especially in glamorous locations. And possibly even more about the kind of person that would actually be involved in the running of that kind of business. The biggest and primary misconception about Las Palmas escorts held by people from outside Spain is about legality. There is the assumption that running an agency or a brothel is illegal. It is not. In fact, in most of Spain it is almost regarded as a social service. Every small town and most highway lorry stops have a “house” with a few girls working in it. And the major towns and cities have dozens of brothels, all of which are perfectly legal.

The same applies to escort agencies, though they obviously only operate where there are big resident populations or enough visitors to make it worthwhile. A guy might pop into a brothel for a “freshen up” on a whim on the way back from work. But being entertained by an escort (certainly for an out-call) requires an extra degree of planning. You have to go online to find the right one unless you have used them before and have them as a contact – usually under something such as “chiropractor” rather than “blowjobs” – and then wait for them to arrive with you. Or even if you are going to their place on an in-call, you still have to book ahead and travel to their apartment.

But in Spain, as opposed to amazingly uncivilised places such as Norway, buying sex and companionship is just seen as a straightforward transaction between two consenting adults. And as long as you pay your taxes, are not money laundering, do not sell drugs, refuse to work with under age or illegal girls, then the Guardia di Finanza (tax police), Policia Local, Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional will all leave you alone and take no interest. Which makes life a lot easier if you are actually representing escorts and want a quiet life.