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Read the headline again. I said “people” not “men”. Though, yes, I do include men under the category of people, though I know a lot of my female colleagues do not for whatever reason! You would be amazed at the number of couples who book escorts (or groups of escorts) to help them fulfil their sexual fantasies which they do not feel that they can meet in any other way.

If you are a straight woman in a happy marriage, but have a long standing and recurring fantasy about having sex with another woman, or even with more than one woman, what better way to assuage or explore that than by booking one of the professional girls who escorts Ibiza visitors and seeing how the reality compares with what goes on in your head?

Or if you are a happily married couple and one or both of you want to see your partner have sex with another woman? Or what about women who want to see their men perform with another woman? Or even men who want to be cuckolded with a male escort making love to their wife or partner? And that is before we even start exploring the world of kink and BDSM. Trial and error with kinky stuff can be a lot of fun. But it can also, if everyone involved is not relaxed and open, be awkward and embarrassing – and in some cases extremely painful! So what better way could there be for a woman to learn to be an effective and dominating Mistress than by watching a professional Dominatrix ply her trade? The TV show Billions has this spot on with Mr and Mrs Rhoades exploring their sexual power play in the safe environs of a professional dungeon, with the resident Domme giving lessons and expert advice.

So why do smart guys and women not take advantage of the opportunities out there? It beats the hell out of me. I just work here. Social stigma? Well with the amount of substances bought in Ibiza on the the average night I do not think so. Fear? Probably. And that is why it would be foolish to hook up with one of the street girls when professional and established escort agencies like Allys Angels can give you the degree of security and assurance that is so important to allow you to relax.