Erotic massages in Prague and their dynamic history


Erotic massages in Prague are getting more and more popular. Not just because of the tourists lured by the beauty of Czech girls, people are also still more interested in it and it‘s becoming more common topic for people in general. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always that way…

Erotic massages in Prague and where did the erotic massages come from?

What is the origin of the classic erotic massage? Why did these massages even develop? And why were they used as a therapeutic remedy? If you are not afraid of the answers and this topic is not taboo for you, read on.

The origin of Erotic massages

As the title suggests, erotic massage is not something developed in modern history. To find the prime roots we have to go far into the past. It occurred probably in 4. – 6. Century A.D. (so at the same time as Kamasutra) in Ancient India. But we can find mentions about it also in other Ancient civilizations, such as Greece or Egypt. People used different kinds of herbs and aromatic oils already at this time. However, into the Western world they were getting slowly.

The taboo period

As we already know, erotic massages were developing in antiquity. People in that time were interested in searching for new substances and aphrodisiac to make massages better and many of them are still used today.

What happened after that? The middle Ages came and with it also the period of religious dogma. Everything connected with sex was taboo in that time. That means that we have no sources or information about erotic massages in middle Ages.

Women were led rather to loyalty and all kinds of intensification of physical pleasure were „forbidden“.  Men were often on crusades and women stayed home without their company. Therefore the chastity belt was supposedly created, to protect women from other „dangerous“ ways how to reach an orgasm. Nevertheless, some historical sources still claim that the chastity belt is just a myth and that it did not exist in fact.

Erotic massages as a therapy

In the 16th century, a revolutionary change happened in Europe. Instead of God, people started to adore themselves on the first place. It was a period of Renaissance. Thanks to this overturn, the medicine started to prosper and grow and so erotic massages became popular again.

The erotic massage started to be used for the healing of woman’s hysteria. In was quite an easy process. Once a woman had been hysteric, doctor came and started to massage woman’s genitals until she reached the orgasm. By the way, for the same purpose the first vibrator was created.

Erotic massages in modern history

In the 20th century erotic massages grew more and more popular. But not everywhere. Even though it was so popular in the world and in Europe, Prague was a little bit „out“ due to the ongoing era of communism. A big boom in Prague came in the 90s, when people started to talk about sex and everything connected with it directly and without shame. Among other things, the internet had a great merit of course. With the development of the internet people could find information about massages, about interesting techniques and so on and it naturally led them (and even the shy individuals) to try it and learn about it even more. You can find for example many instructions, like this. Also all the massage oils and gels intended for the erotic massages started to be more popular. And again, people did not have to go for it right to the store, but they could order it online, so they could avoid the embarrassment.

So we can generally say that the greatest pathfinder of erotic massages in the modern time is the internet. It is important to bring to minds that it is not something forbidden, something weird. It is exactly opposite, if you want to try it, do it. There is nothing wrong with it. So, are you ready now?