Running an escort agency or clubs is very much like running any business. There are the normal business activities that have to be maintained. And good systems and processes can do that, as long as you put some thought and planning in. There are risks and problems that you have to manage. Shops have to prevent customers stealing their property. They have to stop staff from stealing their money. That can all be seen in advance. The same is true in running a club or escort agency, though the risks are different, they can still be thought out before they happen.

In any business there will be things that you cannot imagine or predict. Then all you can do is to react as fast as possible and do your best to reduce the effect on your business. But in running a Las Palmas escort agency or club there are things that you can predict, but which are still difficult to prevent. Such as competitors and criminals wanting to take a piece of your business, close your business down, or use your business to do criminal things which you want to avoid. You can foresee those things, but it is hard to prevent them.

The best way to not invite trouble from criminal gangs is to keep a low profile, so that they do not know that you exist. If they do not know you are there, then they cannot threaten you. But in running a string of clubs or a network of escort agencies, that does not work because you need to have a high enough profile so that the customers and staff can find you, or you will not have a business.

Not letting criminal gangs know that you exist is difficult in any business where you need to have a high enough profile to attract clients. So if you do need a public profile, that leaves you with a few options. You can keep a high profile and accept that criminals will try to force their way into your operations and deal with that when it happens. Which means giving in or fighting back. Or you can have a high profile for each business but make sure that no-one knows they are connected. A big business will attract big criminals who are hard to deal with. A small business attracts small criminals who can be managed or crushed. It is easier to deal with a local street thug than with the Albanian, Russian or Italian gangsters.