It is not as easy to make good money as an escort as people think. There is lots of competition, peoples tastes vary, and you need to stay on top of everything to make as much money as possible. To be a little cliched about things, you have to treat your profession as a profession. Your job as a job. Be as business like as possible about building and maintaining your business.

Rule One – keep things fresh. You will probably have to move around a bit if you want to keep your earnings as high as possible. Everyone likes a bit of variety and the customers of escort agencies are no exception to the rule. In fact, they probably are the rule! So in as big city such as London you might move from area to area or escort agency to escort agency. In smaller markets you might need to move town, such as working in Geneva in the winter and Ibiza in the summer. It is a different thing being the sexiest escort Madrid has to offer and the sexiest girl in Bradford. So go where you can be the best in whatever part of the market you are aiming at.

Rule Two – take care of the product. Stay in shape by getting the right exercise and eating cleanly. Stay off the booze and the pharmaceutical opportunities that will be offered to you – no matter how hard they are offered. Get your hair done regularly. Keep your make up up to date and get makeovers regularly for ideas. Keep your wardrobe sharp – but do not have too much as you will want to travel and the idea is to make money, not donate it to retailers. So save a lot more than you spend. Ideally save at least one third of whatever you earn

Rule Three – pay your bills. Get the commission to the agency as quickly as possible at all times. Then you are quite within your rights to expect the same with any money that they owe you.

And last, but most importantly, Rule Four – make the client feel like a King (or Queen). Give them a time together that they will remember forever and while you are doing that you will probably enjoy yourself as well. And build yourself an awesome and profitable professional reputation.